Assassins creed unity patch 1.2

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In fact largely negative. Still, at least you can enjoy this gallery of visual horrors from NeoGaf. The picture at the top comes from this set. We got some PC code! Have some port impressions. But the game on your radar. If bugs are solved get it later. The game is good. Bugs are the problem. I bought it, the technical issues are game breaking for me but i still wanted to give the game an unbiased opinion. France is a crap city to place it in and the worst bit is the gameplay being horrendously boring.

Oh, any they all speak with English accents. I am English, I can live with hearing more of our accents but why the fuck are they speaking with cockney accents if they are french? How is that relevant? They had italian accents in italy, theyve had multinational accents in AC3 etc etc etc — why do they default the English accent in France? Think about what you are saying before you spew it. Get it on a nice sale on steam or uplay, then get it.

Just not feeling it anymore. The AC franchise has become too diluted. The best part of Black Flag was the pirate-y bits, not the regular AC bits. Going back to a city killed all interested I had for the game. And by that I mean great gameplay, music, story and enviroment. Really gorgeous and I enjoy the characters.

Not unplayable but the performance issues taint what could have been a game of the year. Consoles are getting sub 30 fps. As for PC framerate is higher. But with performance drops. The problem no matter the platform is stuttering. So the thing is. This is the release week. No company should release a game with this kind of performance issues.

I will still buy future AC games. But probably will wait a week or so to be sure all major bugs are removed. So should you buy this game? In my opinion yes. It really is worth it. But should you buy it now? I advice you to wait a bit more while Ubi solves their issues.

This is a story based game and immersion is completely lost when performance is not acceptable. If performance was acceptable and the game had no bugs I would consider this to be one of the best AC games ever. You think Christmas revenue is more important then a good stable game.

Well the mass market is starting to get the picture. Pre order revenue, dlc, season passes are now a big revenue resource. But that will change. People were receptive to these changes.

But your greed is changing consumer perception. From now on I will only by the standard game package. No deluxe editions or whatever. Overall this has been an year where most AAA titles were released with all sorts of bugs. No matter the publisher. As always it is all about the build of your PC, the average computer is going to get wrecked by this game.

This game is similar to the release of the original Crysis it hammered every piece of hardware out there besides the top end users. Ubisoft has done the same thing this game is pushing the limits of next gen to the max. Here is my gameplay so far I only do intro commentary. Running i7 k, 16gb ram, and gtx on p maxed settings between fps. This has nothing to do with build of pc. I have dual s, i7 k, running on a ssd, 16gb ram, and playing on p monitor and its buggy for me.

Bring on the patch because I really want to play this game though. Well you clearly get the stuttering that everyone else is getting. I had to optimize my codec to work better with more movement in the frame. If you watch my later videos it actually cleans it up. I yeah I noticed the texture pop in too its pretty bad.

assassins creed unity patch 1.2

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Create your website today. Fixed some minor FX and texture issues. Fixed issue with Arno losing control after trying to launch Initiates from the pause menu. Hey Guys, who know about initiates chests? Become the ultimate Master Assassin. For me this made the performance worse. And since this is al's crack you will have to start again as it uses different dir and different mode to save. TobyWong at

Assassin's Creed: Unity v1.2 All No-DVD [Reloaded]

RVG90 at Fixed problems with TXAA. Anonymous 24 November at Same think, is anybody have solution, please? Character, AI and the crowd.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity PC patch 1.2 released

assassins creed unity patch 1.2

November 11, IGN Rating: The best part of Black Flag was the pirate-y bits, not the regular AC bits. You think Christmas revenue is more important then a good stable game. Are the crashes and glitches found in earlier releases fixed with this release? Get it on a nice sale on steam or uplay, then get it. Anonymous 3 March at Core i7 u upto 2. The problem no matter the platform is stuttering. William Miklos 10 January at Because this is not running. Dominic 27 April at Hope same wll work for u. The AC franchise has become too diluted. Abdo 13 July at

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Assassins creed unity patch 1.2
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