League of legends patch taking forever to

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This week, Patch 8. Sword item called the Stormrazor. This item has a unique passive that makes your first basic attack in combat deal a guaranteed crit and boosts your movement speed for about two seconds, which is excellent for kiting. The item provides high AD and attack speed as its base stats. Early iterations of this item on the PBE included a passive that boosted AD for the first few in-combat basic attacks and another that caused the first few attacks to have a percent crit chance, which both would have been great for champions like Lucian and Jhin to help their big bursts.

Its damage scales higher the more crit strike chance you have, which incentivizes building those late-game crit items that hyper carry ADCs love, not Jhin or Lucian.

Where this item, in its first versions on the PBE prior to release, seemed great as a non-crit option for champions that should have to build crit every game, it now appears to do the exact opposite by enforcing more crit building. Remember what we said about opening up more options for non-crit ADCs?

This one definitely percent does the exact opposite. The new Infinity Edge no longer provides a boost to crit damage, nor does it even provide more crit chance. Instead, aside from providing 10 more AD than before, it has a new passive. So, obviously, for this item to work at all, you need significant crit chance build into your kit with other expensive items. Unfortunately, that crit-doubling-true-damage-buffing passive is extremely powerful, which will pressure burst ADCs into building crit anyway.

This will especially help Jhin, because all crit chance is converted into bonus AD for him. In other words, this is another incentive for every ADC in the game to build crit, and for all bot lane mains to stick to champions who work best with those types of build, limiting the meta further. Not to mention, you can combine this with the Stormrazor to get guaranteed True Damage on your opening basic attack. This is where things get interesting.

Where the Stormrazor was sort of a faux option for non-crit builds and burst ADCs, the new Essence Reaver is truly, actually a powerful option for that sort of thing. Rather than restoring mana on crits, it now restores missing mana on every basic attack, which is fantastic for all caster and burst ADCs. Gold star there, for sure. It only gets better, too. Its new passive causes you to get a massive power spike when you use your ultimate, increasing your attack speed and causing your basic attacks to refund 20 percent of your non-ultimate cooldowns for eight seconds.

On top of all that, the item now costs gold less, making it quite a cheap high AD item for marksmen. This is reliable, early ish power for non-crit builders, and its passive is even great as a late-game item on champions like Twitch and Vayne to throw into their crit builds.

This means that, rather than opening up options for marksmen, it seems that the meta will simply shift in favor of whichever build is stronger. If the non-crit build with the Essence Reaver, Trinity Force, Manamune, and newly-buffed lifesteal items is stronger, non-crit ADCs will rise in power. If the Infinity Edge and Stormrazor crit build becomes meta, however, the hyper-carry crit builders will remain on top.

On paper, it seems like the crit build is still stronger, but with big cost increases on Zeal items and cost decreases on non-crit lifesteal marksmen items, we may be wrong. On top of that, the new Hail of Blades Keystone rune is phenomenal for non-crit builds, which is another point in that camp. Essentially, for the first few attacks in combat, you get an absolutely massive boost to attack speed, which is obviously great for bursting damage.

Jhin will get a hefty chunk of AD from the percent attack speed boost, and other non-crit ADCs like Lucian will simply make good use of the attack speed. It also allows champions to exceed the attack speed cap. If a champion has percent crit from the new Infinity Edge on top of just one fully-built Zeal item, they basically get a massive boost to attack speed, allowing them to land an insane amount of guaranteed crit strikes when entering combat—crit strikes that also deal True Damage thanks to the new IE.

This means that while this rune was intended to help burst ADCs, it might end up doing something very dangerous by turning hyper-carry ADCs into even stronger burst ADCs than their counterparts. Imagine a Twitch coming out of stealth and annihilating you with a barrage of three guaranteed crits that also shred through your resistances, killing you before you even get the chance to move, and then he still has the sustained damage from crit chance and high attack speed to keep hitting you after the steroid ends.

Seems like the best of both worlds to us. Update May 29 9: May 29, , Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Preston Byers - 2 hours ago. Adam Newell - 5 hours ago. Adam Newell - 6 hours ago.

Aaron Mickunas - 6 hours ago.

league of legends patch taking forever to


For sustain during the game, four relics respawn periodically along the bottom side of the lane. Each side's minion "waves" spawn from their base and march down the lanes to fight each other. Oranthros Oranthros 3 years ago 3 Dont even try. Since then, literally millions of people have subscribed to the subreddit. Float Left Float Right. Your champion gains movement speed and ignores unit collision for a short period. I must be really lucky if it worked for me. The Harrowing - October 25, to November 13, This massive Halloween patch added a re-worked version of Twisted Treeline, a new champion in Elise, the Spider Queen , updates to the background lore of several champions and offered Halloween-themed skins for Fiora, Hecarim, Ryze and a legendary-tiered Zombie Brand with a dance animation mirroring Michael Jackson 's "Thriller.

Is League of Legends Finally Dying In 2018?

Can be augmented by certain items to be cast on enemy champions. From more visual updates to champion nerfs, here are five changes players want to see introduced in League of Legends Patch 8. Once a team destroys an enemy inhibitor they will begin to spawn super minions in that lane, that are great for "pushing" or destroying the final two turrets defending the enemy nexus. ARAM, once only available as a custom game option, now has a dedicated matchmaking lobby as of April The same picks of Jhin, Kai'Sa, Lucian, and Ezreal have been chosen throughout the few most recent patches, while champions like Sivir, Kog'Maw, and Kalista are nowhere to be seen. League of Legends is a huge game with a huge community and millions of eager fans.

A guide to the massive ADC changes coming in League’s Patch 8.11 this week

league of legends patch taking forever to

For any player who has gone up against Nocturne, they know how big of a pain he can be. The nexus is defended by one or two turrets, however these two turrets are more powerful and will slowly regenerate health when left alone. Riot developers eventually revealed that these Champions were canceled. If the number of controlled capture points is the same, neither enemy team's Nexus will receive any damage. It is important when making the final push to have a decent minion army to help push through or a proper tanking champion to take the damage. A split-pusher draws more resources away from the team as they can quickly take an entire lane of turrets if not matched. To view our range of unranked smurf accounts available, click below to view our store. Most of these talents do add a slight advantage to each hero as it can be used to boost strong points of a hero or strengthen the weakness of champions, much like the rune system. League of Legends is a huge game with a huge community and millions of eager fans. League of Legends is free-to-play , with a premium edition for those who wish to pay. However, with great ganking abilities he does best in the jungle right now. The last and most important impact that Summoners have on the battle is through the mastery system. Additionally, the recall option to teleport to the homebase is disabled on Proving Grounds and the fountain won't restore mana or health anymore.

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League of legends patch taking forever to
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