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Welcome to Crack Watch, a piracy news subreddit dedicated to informing the public about the latest cracks and bypasses. To get live announcements of the latest releases, follow our twitter. Layer13 site is completely legal. It does not contain any illegal content that violates reddits rules. I liked it because I was just role playing batman. Also forced myself to listen to the album Yeezus and understand it while playing. I was super into the stealth pistol stuff.

Loved it in deus ex too but it was sort of diminished in wc2. I don't care if this is old denuvo or revamped I just know a hard working group paid their nights to give us the joy. Lol just out of spite. I may give it a try, wonder if there are any community made patches that will come out? I knew Just Cause 3 was not good, and I still downloaded and tried it, just to say that we could.

EA updated the game today, with better mission flow, better lip sync and better facial animations. Within two months they plan to improve it even more and add more SP content. They acknowledged their fuckup it seems.

Sweet, thanks for the info. Do you think it would be worth it just to wait until this weekend maybe? Also, it's great they acknowledge what happened, but I doubt it will stop them from doing the same things in the future. A fell short of their sales expectations. TrooperRamRod there is no patches for bad writing He thinks the subreddit will get shut down.

Which is possible because the admins can do whatever they want at any time. But to my knowledge they haven't yet gone around banning subreddits for merely discussing piracy. We might need these guys to sort out so many nuts. I dread at the thought of Denuvo putting Denuvo on my nuts It's like I have to connect to the internet if I wanna bust a nut, so if my internet is down, I'm stuck with blue balls. But yes the two do cooperate This is perfect because then we won't run out of a backlog of games to crack in 3 weeks and then there is nothing left haha.

I actually like this pace.. Time to finish the game from last time and not so fast that we, as i said don't have any more games to crack except new games ofc. Sorry, we badly recycled our latest NFO, we share merits when it's due, we don't when is not!

It's worth it man. It's one of the best games I've ever played in my life and I try my best not to speak in hyperbole. It really is amazing and unique.

Just keep in mind it takes multiple "playthroughs" to get the whole picture. There's 27 different "endings". Ofc there's the main game, but a few janky ones, a few joke ones, and a few that expands the game world as well.

I finished the main game at around lvl 30, but I heard it can go up to lvl , on account that I saw a lvl 50 mob there.

The ampersand symbol used to be a letter of the alphabet, albeit that was two hundred years ago, so he might be a time traveler. He said "one for every letter of the alphabet", not "one letter of the alphabet for every one". I played pirated tw3 for almost h untill i had saved enough..

None, the game does a great job explaining and expanding everything as you progress. I wasn't left confused by anything and I hadn't played the previous game. Ok had to search for a while but i found her username - ValkyrieAurora. It's a really good video if you can't be bothered to play all the other games. Also it only tells the overall story, so you can still enjoy the games. If only the regional pricing here wasn't absolute ass. Costs more than double of an average AAA game.

Combined it with Denuvo they literary banned SEA-man from playing it. I was planning on changing my steam location to be able to buy NieR and play it, but even If I do buy it that way as long as I'm in a region where it's blocked then I'm not even allowed to play it?

I'll buy it once they get rid of denuvo, I ll even buy it for twice the price because they deserve it. I don't know if it's the same ending but you need to do certain things that require an internet connection, so the cracked version might not be capable of that.

I bought it on steam, no ragrets, it's very addicting and I'm enthralled. Plus steam users have fixed all flaws with the PC port, those were like the only criticisms anyway. Andromeda allegedly contains the newest revamped version of Denuvo so this could mean that CPY made a major breakthrough. No, I'm not sure where the mod got this info.

Apparently it's the old one for ME: A and the new one for Nier. I do, and don't. Outside of it's shit animations and dialogue, it's a fairly nice, fun game. The story so far I'm on Havarl is pretty decent too.

But it does have its faults, and to be honest, there's quite a lot of them. It's a decent game, but not as good as the past Mass Effect games sadly. Combat is fun, story isn't awful overall besides some dialogue.

I like the conversations between the characters too while traveling. Performance is a bit underwhelming, I think. They said they were going to discuss 'important' things today.. So lets see what happens. If I were able to play this game I'd bought it on the release day. I'm kinda glad I can't play it, though I really want to. There's a new patch coming this Thursday already to update and fix the game.

Will this crack get updated when patches get released? Finally i can demo the game too see if any of the game glitches happen to me and to see how the game runs on my system. Edition-CPY on x and got really worried that they had cracked that.

Thank god-I mean thank CPY-they cracked this. I actually bought the game at a decent discount, and I'm over 80 hours in. Not sure if this crack is for the latest version, but if not, it's not really worth all the bugs. They fixed a LOT of bugs since the initial release, tons of game breaking progression stopping bugs too. And as we know, with Denuvo, they actually have to recrack it with each update, making updates not soo easy to apply.

That's if you get updates at all. Really would be a shame to download 50GB of game, play for hours, only to get bugged out and completely unable to progress. Even free games aren't worth that much trouble and frustration. But there is no "setup. Glad to see it turn up now maybe people can try and see that this is a good game. I was really surprised when I bought it that it didn't feel like a waste of money. I feel the same.

I'm 60 hrs in and still having a blast. Can't remember the last game that held my attention for more then 20 hrs. Maybe Planet Coaster but every other game in the last year has been so blah. Yeah it's been forever that I had a game with a 60USD tag and didn't feel a bit ripped off at the play time I got out of it.

If anyone is doubting especially because the size of the game i have to say that i bought Andromeda and totally worth for me. I mean, is not a GOTY, is not a 10 game, but isn't a bad game. Was the ""New Denuvo version"" just a lie to get people to lose hope of it's getting cracked soon and just buying it? CPY are amazing, especially if the game actually has the rumoured revamped denuvo. I appreciate the crack, but I made the mistake of buying this dumpster fire a week ago.

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mass effect andromeda patch  cpy

Mass Effect Andromeda CPY Metacritic Crack Plus Patch Download {Latest}

Oudiny 4 May at So far only one piracy group has been able to bypass it. Now they brought out the big guns which they were intending to bring in at the beginning as a dis to CPY. Why not Nier Automata first?!?! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Standalone Patch from v1.04 to v1.05

The dreams of easy settlement are quickly shattered, as worlds expected to be paradises are instead wastelands, and the Pathfinder discovers that not all inhabitants of the galaxy welcome humanity. Jack knife 14 October at Are we meant to be applying this folder, along with the crack? Good game but definitely not great. Hajiaru 10 April at CryTamerBeast 30 July at April 7, at 1: I and enjoyed every second of it. Fitz 1 May at


mass effect andromeda patch  cpy

So pretty much the same thing when Denuvo was released. ROCK 15 May at Also why do androids have buttholes? DcKrout 7 April at Submit a new link. Quantyn 27 May at Yeah it's been forever that I had a game with a 60USD tag and didn't feel a bit ripped off at the play time I got out of it. Previous post Next post. There's still plenty of other bugs, like companions floating in midair, characters suddenly ragdolling or spazzing out, entire sections of the Tempest not loading and showing as a literal void in space, etc, and even far into the game Addison's aka the tired face lady animations never get any less awkwardly stilted. It's a contest among scene groups to see who's the most skilled. If I find a loot box throughout the game, it is always empty with the Inventory indicator not showing a number, only a red backslash… I see the loot but when I try to pick it up, the list is always empty. Don 5 May at Since I already downloaded the CPY version. And Mass Effect 2 is a far better game.

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